Introducing the Dodo Jacket, a testament to artistic finesse and homage to the extinct species. Each stroke on this masterpiece is a symphony composed by talented miniature artists, as they bring the dodo to life, entwined beautifully with leaves in intricate detail. Fully hand-painted, this jacket is more than an ensemble, adorned in a sublime light pastel pink, the jacket is crafted from rich pure silk organza, ensuring a luxurious feel against the skin. The meticulous detailing extends to the interior, where it is lined and quilted with opulent green cotton satin, offering a harmonious contrast. What makes the Dodo Jacket truly special is its fully hand-painted nature. The artistic touch, applied with precision by miniature artists, transforms this jacket into a wearable masterpiece. It becomes more than an item of clothing; it becomes a statement, an ode to a species lost to time, and a canvas that tells a poignant tale of nature’s intricacies.

Colour – Pastel Pink

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Fabric – Pure Silk Organza / Lining – Quilted Cotton Satin

Technique – Intricate Hand Painting

Fit – Oversized

Includes – Jacket

Care – Dry clean only

Delivery – 4-5 weeks

Availability – Made to order

For any customisation and other queries, please contact us via WhatsApp – 917023469889


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