Ancient Echoes

Step into the enchanting realm of “Ancient Echoes,” a collection that breathes life into the whispers of extinct species. From the elusive Tasmanian tiger to the entwining tales of the wandering Dodo and inseparable twin cranes, each design is a celebration of life’s harmonious dance within nature—an eloquent homage to the delicate balance that once graced our world. The sumptuous colours and intricate details echo the vibrant spirit of the Sumatran tiger, infusing every ensemble with a touch of wild elegance. What sets “Ancient Echoes” apart is not just its captivating designs but the soulful touch of talented miniature artists. Fully handpainted, each piece is a masterpiece in its own right, a labour of love that elevates the collection to a realm beyond mere fashion. This meticulous handcrafting is what makes it special—an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of style, inviting you to tell a story, embrace ancient echoes, and revel in the timeless elegance of a world that once was.

  • 36,500.00

    Introducing the Dandelion Crowned Crane Jacket, a tribute to the extinct Dandelion Cranes, known for their vivacious spirit and unique features. Crafted from pure silk organza in a captivating pastel teal, this oversized masterpiece is lined with luxurious cotton satin and quilted with cotton wool for a plush touch. What sets this jacket apart is the intricate hand-painted detailing, a masterpiece created by skilled artists using the technique of miniature art. The Dandelion Crowned Crane, born as twins, was recognized by their distinctive blue feathery crown, coupled with fan-like wings, which made them truly spectacular. As a nod to their rare and inseparable nature, this jacket embodies the spirit of the Dandelion Cranes. It goes beyond being a garment; it’s a fully hand-painted wearable piece of art that captures the essence of a species lost to time. The whisper of history flows through the blue-crowned Extinct Animal’s bloodline, echoing in the carefully crafted details of the Dandelion Crowned Crane Jacket.

    Colour – Pastel Teal

  • 38,500.00

    Introducing the Dodo Jacket, a testament to artistic finesse and homage to the extinct species. Each stroke on this masterpiece is a symphony composed by talented miniature artists, as they bring the dodo to life, entwined beautifully with leaves in intricate detail. Fully hand-painted, this jacket is more than an ensemble, adorned in a sublime light pastel pink, the jacket is crafted from rich pure silk organza, ensuring a luxurious feel against the skin. The meticulous detailing extends to the interior, where it is lined and quilted with opulent green cotton satin, offering a harmonious contrast. What makes the Dodo Jacket truly special is its fully hand-painted nature. The artistic touch, applied with precision by miniature artists, transforms this jacket into a wearable masterpiece. It becomes more than an item of clothing; it becomes a statement, an ode to a species lost to time, and a canvas that tells a poignant tale of nature’s intricacies.

    Colour – Pastel Pink

  • 24,500.00

    Introducing the Mustard Trench, a timeless piece crafted from luxurious pure Gaji silk. This trench jacket features a quilted design with cotton satin for a touch of opulence. The exquisite craftsmanship extends to its beautiful Rani Pink lining, adding a delightful contrast that elevates its allure. Fully hand-done and quilted, each detail reflects the dedication of skilled artisans. The touch of Rani Pink infuses an additional layer of beauty, turning this trench into more than outerwear. Step into a world of refinement with the Mustard Trench, where every stitch tells a story of unparalleled artistry.

    Colour – Mustard

  • 35,500.00

    Introducing the Sift Pterosaur Jacket, a testament to artistry and homage to the extinct species. This green-hued masterpiece, made of pure silk organza, is not just a garment—it’s a canvas fully handpainted by miniature artists. Each stroke brings to life the intricate details inspired by the Sift Pterosaur, a species lost to time. Lined with luxurious cotton satin, the jacket offers a touch of opulence against the skin and the quilted cotton wool adds a tactile element. Beyond its striking appearance, the Sift Pterosaur Jacket is a wearable piece of art that invites you to delve into the mysteries of the past. It echoes the whispers of an extinct species, encapsulating the essence of history with every brushstroke.

    Colour – Green

  • 32,500.00

    The Sumatran Jacket captures the essence of the Sumatran tiger’s beauty in a regal purple hue. Crafted from pure silk organza, it boasts a relaxed fit, meticulously hand-embroidered, each stitch tells a tale of Sumatran craftsmanship, complemented by quilted cotton wool and a rich cotton satin lining for a luxurious touch. More than a garment, the Sumatran Jacket is a wearable masterpiece, honouring tradition and individuality. With its symphony of colour and craftsmanship, it invites you to embody the cultural richness inspired by Sumatra’s enchanting landscapes.

    Colour – Purple

  • 35,500.00

    The Tasmanian Tiger Jacket is a tribute to the extinct species, featuring an oversized fit and crafted from vibrant rich red silk organza. Its generous silhouette channels the powerful aura of the elusive Tasmanian tiger. The jacket is fully hand-painted using the technique of miniature art by the artists, the jacket becomes a wearable gallery, capturing the mystique of this creature in vivid detail. Lined with opulent beige cotton satin and quilted with cotton wool, it seamlessly blends luxury and comfort. Beyond a mere garment, it’s an exploration of an extinct species, inviting you to carry the legacy and wear the art.

    Colour – Red