Est. 2020

Our Story

Kapardara [ KAH-PAR-DAARA] • Mewari

The word Kapardara comes from the native language of Rajasthan, Mewari meaning a place for keeping jewellery and clothes.

A design house based on Indian craftsmanship, a perfect imperfection of a human hand and the labour of love. Borrowing from this rich tradition is Kapardara, a Jaipur-based brand started by sister duo Geetanshu and Sneha Shekhawat. Kapardara was founded with the goal of producing strong, edgy and impactful designs using time-honoured methods like Miniature art and Ada Kaam. We wanted to create something more profound that genuinely inspired people and was exceptional with a distinct tale. Since the beginning, our emphasis on uniqueness and individuality in our work has been our catchphrase.

Inspiration – Sisters Sneha and Geetanshu Shekhawat grew up listening to stories of palaces, gems, and vintage attire and were always drawn to traditional workmanship grounded in their Rajputana descent. With self-taught skills in fashion, they founded Kapardara with the goal of creating powerful and unique designs through time-honoured techniques like miniature art and ada kaam. We turn to the vastness of the universe for inspiration – be it faraway galaxies or lush jungles. Closely watching the world drives us to create striking drapes in organza and silk.

The fusion of miniature painting and hand embroidery has developed into a Kapardara signature.

Kapardara has been awarded the prestigious Grazia Young Fashion Award 2022 and has been draped by some of the renowned names in the industry like -Harnaaz Sandhu, Kajol, Vidya Balan, Taapsee, Ramya Krishnan, Masoom Minawala, Diipa Khosla, Aashna Shroff, Genelia Deshmukh and Sara Ali khan.

Handmade in the Kapardara studio, each piece is a culmination of the power of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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