The Baobab Symphony


The Baobab Symphony Drape is a breathtaking journey through the heart of the wild. Crafted from pure silk organza and meticulously hand-embroidered, this masterpiece tells a captivating tale of an elephant family beneath the most beautiful baobab trees. The exquisite embroidery, featuring salma, aari, micro-tube beads, and a subtle splash of pearls, brings this scene to life with unparalleled grace. The Baobab trees, celebrated as nature’s crown jewels, stand as the most beautiful backdrop to this enchanting narrative. The Baobab Saree is not just a garment; it’s a poetic expression of nature’s splendour, a celebration of the most beautiful elements that adorn our world.

Comes with an unstitched blouse piece in silk

Colour – Pastel Teal


Fabric – Pure Silk Organza

Technique – Intricate Hand Embroidery – Aari/Salma/ Microtubelights

Includes – Saree and blouse piece

Care – Dry clean only 

Delivery – 4-5 weeks

Availability – Made to order

For any customization and other queries, please contact us via WhatsApp – 917023469889


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The Baobab Symphony